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My Opinion About Louis Vuitton

There is one bag in my collection that I seem to constantly return to. I’ve tried countless times to transition to a smaller cross-body type bag, which is all the rage nowadays, but nothing seems to suit my lifestyle better than the Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote. Louis Vuitton, shortened to LV, was founded in 1854 as a French luggage-making family-operated business. Over the years, the company has evolved into a leading international fashion power house, with products ranging from luxury luggage and other leather goods, to ready-to-wear and accessories, sunglasses and jewelry. The Neverfull bag is one of their most popular pieces, and rightfully so.

Although a fairly new addition to the LV line, having been introduced in 2007, the Neverfull tote has quickly taken center stage to become one of the most successful bags for the brand. It is the type of bag that I don’t think will ever go out of style and can be worn whatever the trend or season. A tote is the kind of bag that everyone adds to their collection at some point. It’s perfect for any type of situation: work, commuting, traveling, the gym, it even functions as a diaper bag (oh yes, I have!). The shape of the Neverfull is very loose and the sides aren’t rigid, which means the bag easily conforms to anything you need to add inside. LV last updated this bag in May 2014 to include a detachable wristlet.

The Neverfull comes in a vast array of patterns and colors, from the tried-and-true Monogram and Damier Canvas to vibrant colors in the durable Epi Leather. LV periodically adds new options to their Neverfull collection via limited editions and artist collaborations. While all these prints, colors and limited editions may be tempting, I opted for the safe Damier Ebene Canvas to ensure I’m getting the most of out of my purchase. It is one of LV’s most popular patters (alongside the Monogram, of course), versatile and foolproof. There are a number of other neutral tone options (the Monogram Canvas, Damier Azur, the Black Epi Leather and Indigo Epi Leather) which are equally as versatile and work very well with any outfit, season or trend.

The Neverfull tote comes in three different sizes: PM (which is the smallest size, comes with two options for the interior liner: beige or fuschia), MM (medium size with four available colors for the liner inside: beige, red, fuschia or yellow mimosa) or GM (their biggest size yet, same liner options as with the MM size). No matter which size you opt for, you will be able to fit anything you really need to carry with you. The name fits this bag to a T, as it truly is never full! Again, I chose to play it safe and opted for the medium or MM size.

It really is an indestructible bag (and I’ve put this one through the wringer) and a great investment in my opinion. It is not a cheap bag by any means and it might seem incredibly expensive, but when you think about the cost per wear, durability and functionality, the Neverfull really becomes the ultimate winner and the perfect addition to anyone’s wardrobe!

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Try Your Chance To Get A Louis Vuitton Handbag